Total Organic Carbon (TOC) is an indirect measure of the quantity of an organic material present in a solution. Usually the solvent of interest is water and the organic material may come from a range of different sources namely: Organic material in source water; contaminants introduced during purification or distribution of water; environmental contaminants; contaminants introduced during the sampling process or contaminants from the sample container.

It may be necessary to measure TOC as part of the quality process in a plant or due to regulations that the plant needs to adhere to. The measurement usually includes a measurement of Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) so that the measurement can be corrected to extract the TOC component.

The are many applications of TOC and these include ground and surface water; industrial processes in the Pharma Industry; semiconductor and photovoltaic manufacture in the electronics industry; and feed-water used for power generation.

Reagecon produces a wide range of TOC standards and TIC standards at various levels and configurations as well as a range of mixed TIC/TOC standards. All standards are prepared using carefully controlled processes. A certificate of analysis is supplied with every product and this documents the source material traceability, accuracy and uncertainty of measurement associated with production and testing.

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