Titrants (Analytical Volumetric Solutions): Reagecon produces an extensive range of high-quality Titrants (Analytical Volumetric Solutions). These products are standardised and factorised against a primary standard, where such a primary standard exists, and certified to a specification of ± 0.1% in the case of common aqueous titrants or ± 0.2% in the case of less commonly used Titrants or Non-aqueous Titrants. Reagecon as a producer, that makes such products in large quantities on a regular basis, has extensive product knowledge and expertise and will invariably achieve a specification of a higher order of magnitude, than most laboratories can achieve in-house.

Total Acid and Total Base Number: Reagecon has a complete offering of standards and reagents for both TAN and TBN, irrespective of the method used. These include titrants, standards, buffers and electrolytes for the major ASTM methods. The suite of products extend to titrants required for back titration and the potassium hydrogen phthalate used to re-standardise or re-factor the titrants.

This offering which is high quality and complete, can afford our loyal customers the best set of products, service and customer care available from any supplier.

These products for Total Acid Number (TAN) and Total Base Number (TBN) are used in procedures to test and control the acidic or basic constituents in petroleum, lubricants, biodiesel or blends of biodiesel.

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