Reagecon produces an extensive range of high-quality Titrants (Analytical Volumetric Solutions). 

These products are standardised and factorised against a primary standard, where such a primary standard exists, and certified to a specification of ± 0.1% in the case of common aqueous titrants or ± 0.2% in the case of less commonly used Titrants or Non-aqueous Titrants.

Reagecon as a producer, that makes such products in large quantities on a regular basis, has extensive product knowledge and expertise and will invariably achieve a specification of a higher order of magnitude, than most laboratories can achieve in-house.

As well as Analytical Volumetric Solutions being of extreme importance in achieving correct results and proving that correctness for both manual and automatic titrations, Indicators are extremely important in manual titrations.

In the case of manual titrations, indicator, titrant or analyte change of colour is by far the most important method of end point detection. Therefore, the availability of a wide selection of Indicators is an integral part of any offering of Analytical Volumetric Solutions.  Reagecon carries by far the most extensive offering of both Indicators and Titrants available in the market place.

More detailed technical information and specific product information can be obtained by visiting: Titration, Analytical Volumetric SolutionsNon Aqueous Titrants, Concentrated Volumetric Solutions, Indicators

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