This short video provides viewers with an overview and short summary of Reagecon’s Spectrophotometry Standards offering.

A spectrophotometer, as an analytical tool is used in almost every type of chemical, biological or life science laboratory. Like all instrumentation they require regular checking and validation to a greater or lesser extent.

The parameters tested for spectrophotometers are photometric accuracy also called (absorbance linearity), wavelength accuracy, bandwidth and stray light. These checks and validation protocols, ensure confidence in all operational and performance matters and are also mandated in many cases by accreditation and regulatory bodies. These functions are determined by the use of a range of chemical standards. Such standards are formulated to give specific responses, depending on the measurement function being tested. Therefore, it is an imperative that high quality standards be available for performing linearity, wavelength, bandwidth and stray light tests.

The features and benefits of a good spectrophotometry range of standards should include the following features; can be used with any instrument, be traceable and offer the option of either sealed cuvettes or bottles. 

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