Over the last 140 years several groups of researchers have carried out highly significant work on the development and enhancement of conductivity standards. Most of this work has been applied to either primary standards or secondary standards that lack fitness for purpose in a real life commercial environment. This paper summarises extensive work carried out on the development of fit for purpose secondary conductivity standards using unique technology which has been developed in our laboratory. We present the market justification and context within which the products were developed and present features and benefits on this unique family of products supported by comparative data. Critically, the justification for the products is applicable from a metrological and GLP standpoint to all secondary standards.

Contents of the Paper

  • Introduction and Context
  • Justification
  • Features of Reagecon Standards
  • Summary of Experimental Work
  • Simulated Working Conditions and Discussion – 5μS/cm Samples
  • Conclusion
  • Comparative Data

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