The testing and analysis of medicines for human and animal use, is one of the most important segments within the science of analytical chemistry. The equipment and technology being used is growing in sophistication and sensitivity. Similarly, the demand on analysts, to produce results that are correct and that can be proven to be correct is growing at an exponential rate. The provision of correct results and proof of that correctness requires that the standards and reagents used for calibration, quality control, method validation and instrument qualification needs to be of an extremely high quality, in particular, they need to be traceable, certified, be of known measurement uncertainty and be produced and tested in compliance with the stipulations of the major pharmacopoeias. Reagecon has responded to all of these technical challenges and demands, with our new range of Pharmaceutical Standards and Reagents This range which can be accessed online contains many pages of up to date products, specifications, technical advice and is the most detailed and comprehensive collection of products, ever produced for the pharmaceutical industry. The range contains many rare and unusual standards and reagents, all of which are packed and delivered in easy to use and safe pack sizes.

The contents of the range of products includes: Pharmacopoeias, Cations and Anions, Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Conductivity, pH Buffers, Buffered Eluents, Dissolution, Osmolality, and Titration.


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