Reagecon manufactures the most comprehensive range of pH Buffer Solutions available to the marketplace, which have been designed to suit all requirements.

  • Laboratory Grade Buffers, pH range 1-13
  • Colour Coded Buffers for Calibration pH 4, 7, 10
  • Professional Range (Technical, NIST/DIN & High Resolution Buffers)
  • Low Ionic Strength Buffers
  • pH Buffer Capsules
  • Various packaging options for ease of use e.g. Colour Coded, Twin Neck Bottles, Bag-in Box

Electrode Care & Maintenance: Reagecon manufactures a complete range of products designed to clean, refill, regenerate and store your electrodes

More detailed technical information and specific product information can be obtained by visiting: pH Buffer Solutions

Reagecon’s Webshop:

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