We continue to expand our Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) offering, our latest release includes our new range of ISO 17034 pH Buffer Standards and Conductivity Standards, in addition to our existing range of Sucrose in Water Standards.

ISO 17034 is an internationally recognised accreditation for the production of Certified Reference Materials. It delivers the highest level of quality assurance possible and provides the customer with full confidence that the manufacturer’s standards are produced correctly and competently in a sound metrological fashion. ISO 17034 accreditation requirements include production planning, raw material characterisation, assignment of certified values, uncertainty, traceability, homogeneity and stability studies, as well as packaging and documentation control.

Calibration Standards are critical to ensuring that an analysers sample measurements have the accuracy, traceability and comparability required so that actions taken based upon these sample measurements have validity.

Reagecon’s metrological expertise enables us to consistently produce Certified Reference Materials and Calibration Standards that give their users confidence in the generated sample measurements.

More detailed technical information and specific product information can be obtained by visiting:

Sucrose in Water (Brix) Standards ISO 17034 Cerified Reference Materials

Conductivity Standards ISO 17034 Cerified Reference Materials

pH Buffer Standards ISO 17034 Cerified Reference Materials

Reagecon’s Webshop: www.reagecon.com

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