This short video provides viewers with an overview and short summary of Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) and Ionic Strenght Adjuster (ISA) Standards.

Ion Selective Electrodes, (ISEs) allow specific and quantitative measurement of a wide range of cations, anions and some dissolved gases. These ions can be measured directly like pH measurement, indirectly, which we will discuss later, or by titrimetry. ISEs respond selectively to the relevant ion activity exactly like pH electrodes respond to hydrogen ion activity. Like pH electrodes, they require a suitable reference electrode, preferably a double junction system. They also require a pH or ion meter and a selection of filling solutions for the outer and inner chambers of the reference electrode. In some instances, the reference and sensing electrodes may be combined into one unit.
However, the measurement technique deviates from pH in that both sample and standards require the addition of an Ionic Strength Adjustor called for short an ISA.

More detailed technical information and specific product information can be obtained by visiting Reagecon’s Webshop:

Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)

Ionic Strenght Adjuster (ISA) Standards


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