Reagecon manufactures a range of high quality Cryoscope Standards, the range is completed by the availability of Heat Transfer Fluid and Bath Liquid.

Reagecon’s Cryoscope Standards are used to calibrate, control, verify or validate Cryoscopes. These products are manufactured for use on all Cryoscopes compliant to International Reference Standard ISO5764/IDF108 for the determination of freezing point in milk.

Together with our Cryoscope offering Reagecon produces a wide range of Physical and Chemical Standards that are appropriate to the testing of dairy products. Several of these products, which are specific or unique to the dairy industry, can be viewed on our webshop.

More detailed technical information and specific product information can be obtained by visiting: Cyroscope Standards, Heat Transfer Fluid, Bath Liquid and Dairy, Milk, Food Standards & Reagents

Reagecon’s Webshop:

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