This short video provides viewers with an overview and short summary of Reagecon’s Cryoscope Standards. It briefly describes how Cyroscope is measured, the different types and applications of Cryoscope along with what industries predominantly use Cryoscope Standards.

One application of the change in freezing point is to measure the concentration of water in a solution, which is known as Cryoscopy. When water is added to a solution such as milk, the freezing point is elevated towards zero degrees Centigrade and differs markedly from that of a normal, undiluted milk sample.

Although there are a number of routine and research applications for cryoscope standards, the testing of milk is by far the most widely used application. Milk in its unadulterated state has a freezing point below 0°C. As milk is diluted with water, the freezing point moves closer to that of pure water which is (0°C). This elevation of freezing temperature due to the addition of water is caused by the reduction in concentration of lactose and inorganic salts.

Cryoscope require calibration and control and in some situation’s method validation and instrument qualification. Due to our extensive knowledge of metrology and our unequalled number of accreditations, Reagecon offers a range of high-quality standards to facilitate these metrological tasks. The range on offer is completed by the availability of Heat Transfer Fluid which is guaranteed to remain liquid at the subzero temperatures required for Cryoscopy. Reagecon has been producing high-quality Cryoscope standards for over 30 years, and these are shipped around the world. These standards can be used to calibrate Cryoscopes, control the measurement, validate test methods, or in some instances, qualify the instrument. We also manufacture the Cryoscope Cooling Liquids and the Heat Transfer Fluids.

The products are NIST traceable, compliant to the International Reference Standard ISO5764/IDF108 for the determination of freezing point in milk, we offer all internationally specified calibration values, offer control values, extended shelf life and the products can be used on every make and model of instrument.

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