Reagecon is the largest producer of aqueous based Conductivity Standards and is credited with the invention of low level aqueous standards. The company is still the only producer with the capability to manufacture and stabilise these products at such low levels of conductivity.

At the heart of Reagecon’s approach to conductivity measurement is our comprehensive range of Conductivity Standards. The products are tested using our ISO 17025 accredited methods are fully characterised and certified for Accuracy, Measurement Uncertainty, Stability and Traceability. Not only do such Standards accommodate the technical requirements of a high quality analytical result, but they also provide the other major demands of modern analytical chemistry i.e. proof that the result is correct and fit for purpose.

Reagecon offer over 45 different values of Conductivity and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Standards, ranging from as low as 1.3 µS/cm to as high as 500,000 µS/cm.

More detailed technical information and specific product information can be obtained by visiting: Conductivity Standards

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