Reagecon’s produces a range of Ready to Use Buffered Eluents for Liquid Chromatography for the control of Mobile Phase pH, when analysing ionisable compounds using HPLC and for the use of pH control when working with field samples of non-ionisable compounds due to the presence of ionisable impurities or contaminants.

The use of Reagecon’s high quality buffer systems will minimise variations of mobile phase pH, leading to dramatically improved selectivity, retention factor, peak shape, resolution and  reproducibility. We have selected 19 of the most commonly recommended buffering systems from scientific literature and from the currently published 2,400 monographs of the USP, however, there are several hundred other buffering systems contained in the monographs and we are happy to quote for these also.

More detailed technical information and specific product information can be obtained by visiting: Buffered Eluent Solutions

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