Reagecon manufactures several ranges of Brix / Refractive Index (RI) Standards for ease of use when controlling all types of Refractometers, irrespective of brand.

  • ICUMSA compliant Brix Standards (Sucrose)
  • Non ICUMSA compliant Stabilised Brix Standards (Sucrose)
  • RI Standards manufactured from Sucrose
  • RI Standards manufactured from Solvents

Stabilised Brix Standards have an extended shelf life of 1 year and Refractive Index Solvent based Standards offer a 2 year shelf life.

Products represent excellent value for users that are not required to follow ICUMSA Guidelines.

These product ranges are used primarily either as a Calibrant or Analytical Quality Control Solution.

More detailed technical information and specific product information can be obtained by visiting: Brix Standards, Refractive Index Standards, Sucrose in Water (Brix) ISO 17034

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