The Metrologist Edition 6

Welcome to the latest edition of the Metrologist.

At our annual conference, in Shannon, in October, we launched three major new product ranges, all of which are covered in this edition of The Metrologist. The first of these families, X Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Standards, represent the start of a significant R&D programme on XRF, within the company. The range launched – XRF Environmental Standards in Water, will be followed by
several non-aqueous and petrochemical ranges shortly, including sulphur (S) and lead (Pb) in various matrices. These will be followed by a range of metal standards in lubricants. The theory and practice of XRF was presented at the conference in detail and a brief synopsis is presented in the following pages.

Reagecon has been producing reagents and solvent mixtures for DNA synthesis and sequencing for many years on a private label basis. We are now in a position to produce these products under the Reagecon label and also produce other similar products on a customised basis. Our facilities for manufacturing these products are extensive as can be seen in the photographs on pages 15 – 19. We are very excited about the prospects of utilising these valuable tools on an even more extensive scale, so we would very much welcome your feedback on possible opportunities to utilise this plant. Standards and reagents for Process Analysers utilise several technologies. These include the use of:

– Colourimetic/spectrophotometric analysis
– Electrochemical measurement
– Titration
– Ion chromatography
– TOC/TIC analysers

Irrespective of the technology used, the measurement is done in-situ, rather than on-line and an extensive range of reagents and standards are used. All of the standards must comply with basic metrological principles, including traceability, accuracy, precision, fitness for purpose and the use of the standards for calibration, quality control, method validation and instrument qualification. An extensive range of these new products from Reagecon, launched at theannual conference, is presented on pages 21 and 22.

Over the years, Reagecon has presented many scientific papers, two of them, The Effect of Temperature on pH Measurement and The Effect of Temperature on Conductivity Measurement are frequently requested and several of our readers have requested, that we reproduce them here. Although both of these papers were published over a decade
ago, their relevance to modern measurement is as strong as ever.

Once again, thanks for all your help and support. If you would like to view any or all of the product ranges listed in The Metrologist, simply visit our webshop.

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