The Metrologist Edition 5

Welcome to the latest edition of the Metrologist. Our New Product Development (NPD) program continues to expand at a very rapid pace and we are delighted to now offer you, a very comprehensive range of On-line Analyser, Standards and Reagents. The various chemistries, types of instruments they are used on, the typical testing regime and variety of standards available from Reagecon are covered in summary in pages 23-26 of this edition of The Metrologist.

A more comprehensive catalogue containing part numbers, product compatibility with manufacturers makes and models and packing options will be prepared shortly, available in both hardcopy
format and on our website. We hope that this offering will provide you with real choice and value. We believe this product range is a significantly better package than is presently available in the marketplace.

The quantitative measurement of cations and anions, is of huge significance in a wide and ever-growing range of industries. Detection limits, specificity, accuracy, precision and several other metrological parameters are of increasing importance to analysts. Reagecon has responded with a wide array of standard options suitable for spectroscopic and electrochemical analysis of cations and anions. The meticulous preparation, processing, calibration, verification and validation steps that we apply to standard preparation and manufacture is covered in detail in this edition of The Metrologist.

These steps reflect the importance we attribute to this field of science and the information provided here, in addition to a wealth of other information and detail on Cation and Anion measurement. In addition to applied research, our Research and Development Department have engaged in a number of areas that are, or will be, subject to journal publication or patent protection. Once such area is ‘The Use of Nanoparticles in the Preparation of Calibration Standards’ which has been the subject of a number of patent awards including a recent United States Patent, the details of which are shown on the graphics on page 1.

Finally, on behalf of all of my colleagues at Reagecon, we hope that the contents of this edition of The Metrologist will offer you benefit and value. If you would like to view any or all of the product ranges listed in The Metrologist, simply visit our webshop.

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