The Metrologist Edition 4

One of the major events discussed was the launch of our Global Metrology Development Centre here in Shannon. A Metrology Centre would normally be the preserve of a government funded body, but now due to your support, we have the financial and technical competence and confidence to open this new centre, which was launched during our annual distributor conference in October. The rationale, features and benefits of this centre are presented in this edition of the Metrologist on pages 4, 5 and 6. We believe, that from a customer’s perspective, the features and benefits are compelling and we believe it will bring major value to you over the coming years.

Another major event in was the launch of our new Physical and Chemical Standards Compendium. This publication contains the largest and most complete range of Physical and Chemical Standards ever produced and brings our total offering of products, to over 8000. Significant information on the compendium was published in our previous edition of the Metrologist, but in order to reflect the importance of this document to you, our customers, and all our channel partners, we have published an overview on pages 7 and 8.

Ultimately Reagecon is a high-technology company that specialises in the field of Metrology. It is incumbent on us, as part of our offering to provide you with as much scientific, technical and product information as possible. We have taken the liberty to include several papers, that cover these objectives, in this Metrologist.

We hope you enjoy this edition of The Metrologist and if you would like to view any or all of the product ranges listed in The Metrologist, simply visit our webshop.

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