The Metrologist Edition 3

Within this edition of The Metrologist, we will cover the details and benefits of our Global Metrology Development Centre. Our technical staff and account managers are asked questions on a daily basis, about accreditations including the scope, features and benefits of such accreditations, particularly from our perspective of a Standards producer. We have endeavoured to answer these questions in as much detail as possible in a paper which is published on pages 8 – 12, with particular emphasis on ISO 17025 and the benefits it bestows on us as a Standards producer. The development and production of high quality Conductivity Standards continues to be a cornerstone of Reagecon’s output and growth. We continue to publish widely on this subject in the technical literature and this Metrologist contains a short technical article which has previously been published in poster format. The contents of this article emanated from a piece of market research which we conducted about 10 years ago, in which we discovered that a lot of analysts measuring conductivity did not use Quality Control materials, therefore, the use of such materials is emphasised in this paper.

The Metrologist Edition 3 also shows how Reagecon, as a company, endeavors to support many fundraising initiatives and charitable organisations throughout the year including the Irish Cancer Society and Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

We hope you enjoy this edition of The Metrologist and if you would like to view any or all of the product ranges listed in The Metrologist, simply visit our webshop.

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