The Metrologist Edition 2

Welcome to the second edition of Reagecon’s Metrologist Publication. Since our first publication we have held a Large International Distributor Conference at our Headquarters in Shannon, Ireland. This was an intensive two day program where our International Distributors received in depth product training. This training was devised with you the enduser in mind and each session consisted of the following:

• Theory behind the technique the products are used for
• The use of our products in process
• Applications with actual demonstration of the product
• Features and Benefits of the Reagecon product range
• Scope of offering
• Benchmarking against main market competitors

We hope that as a result of this seminar your Distributor will be in a better position to understand and service your requirement for Standards and Reagents.
We hope that you find “The Metrologist” of value, that it will provide a conduit between Reagecon and end users through our channel partners and facilitate a valuable two-way flow of information.

Enjoy this second edition of “The Metrologist”.

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