The Metrologist Edition 1

This is a publication from Reagecon with the aim to help you stay up to date on scientific and technology issues relating to metrology in general, but also on Standards, Reference Materials and Reagents. It will introduce you to products that are emerging from our R&D department, provide you with technical notes on product families focusing on applications, features and benefits of such products, provide you with updates on innovations and service offerings from Reagecon and present valuable case studies on various aspects of metrology. Within this publication we will also introduce you to our new outer packaging that provide greater protection in terms of handling, storage and shipping of high value added products. All such packaging will contain Certificates of Analysis and information to help you source other Reagecon products.

The Metrologist Edition 1 will focus on Quality at Reagecon, extensions to Reagecon’s Organic Product Ranges, Volatile Organic Compounds Range, Buffered Eluents, Azo Dye Standards, Spectrophotometry Standards, a case study “Global Medical Device Manufacturer – The Challenge” and much more.

We hope you find this publication of value and if you would like to view any or all of the product ranges listed in The Metrologist, simply visit our webshop.

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