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Technical Dept

10. Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceuticals ICH Q3D Standards Catalogue

In the context of Pharmaceutical products, almost all of the major pharmacopoeias have published new regulations pertaining to Elemental Impurities. This publication presents in clear and concise detail, the history that predated these new regulations, the new methods that are recommended and specifics relating to why such regulations are now being enforced.

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11. pH Buffer Solutions Catalogue

Reagecon manufactures the most comprehensive range of pH Buffer Solutions available to the marketplace, which have been designed to suit all requirements. All are manufactured to exacting specifications with an extended shelf life and cover the pH range of pH 1.00 to pH 13.00 inclusive. All are supplied with a detailed  Certificate of Analysis which outlines traceability to N.I.S.T (the N.I.S.T SRM(s) Lot No. is stated on the certificate).

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14. Clinical and Life Sciences Catalogue

Reagecon's Clinical and Life Sciences Catalogue includes a detailed range of products for both the Clinical Laboratory and Mortuary Marketplace. The products within this offering cover a variety of areas such as Cellular Pathology, instruments and consumables for a...

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A Guide to Method Validation

Introduction Virtually every aspect of society is supported in some way by analytical measurement. There are innumerable reasons for making these measurements, for example: in-process and final inspection or ‘quality control’ of manufactured products; supporting...

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