Technical Papers

This page includes an archive of technical papers written by Reagecon. These papers can be viewed on the site or downloaded. If any information is used from these papers in other articles, attribution and a link back to the original article on this site is required.

Fatty Acid Methyl Ester & Fatty Acid Ethyl Ester Standards (FAME and FAEE Standards)

Free fatty acids (also referred to as volatile fatty acids or carboxylic acids) can be difficult to analyse for two reasons. The first, is because of their high polarity, which leads to adsorption problems in columns. The second, is that in the case of unsaturated fatty acids, these may only show small peak differences, which are difficult to distinguish. So, esterification of fatty acids is an important tool for both characterising fats and oils and for quantifying the total fat content of several materials in particular fat content of foods and foodstuffs. It is also an important technique for assessing the quality and purity of biofuels and on an industrial scale, the production of biofuels. Reagecon offers an extensive range of FAME and FAEE Standards.

Nitrosamine Standards

Nitrosamines are formed from the chemical reaction between amines and nitrogen containing products that include nitrides, nitrogen oxides or nitrous acids. The products are present extensively in the environment and in the alimentary tract of humans and mammals. These products are now classified as known carcinogens. The products may only be present in various matrices in parts per billion (ppb) or parts per trillion (ppt) levels, so a high degree of sensitivity and high-quality standards are necessary to detect their presence. Reagecon offers ready-to-use, neat (powder form) and multi element standards for nitrosamine analysis.

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